Redox Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Redox Biotechnology is an R&D company specializing in solving human food pro

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Company Introduction

Company information

Jinho Lee
Basement 116, 156 Yanghwa-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Business Model

We are a food multiplication solution company for the planet (redox stone) 1. Increased growth rate of agricultural products, improved productivity and quality, soil (nutrient) metering and antibacterial action 2. Increased productivity of livestock and fishery products, improved shipping grade, early shipment, water quality stabilization, mortality reduction, and odor removal

Product / Service


Agricultural, Concentrated, and Aquatic Product Enhancers

Redoxstone is an anhydrous mineral with semiconductor properties that emits an average of 300 to 800 electron beams/cc and is non-electromagnetic and non-radioactive. It helps double the production of agricultural, livestock, and marine products and lowers the mortality rate by up to 30%. give.

Redox Water Solution

Industrial wastewater treatment and odor removal solutions

'Redox Water Solution' is a 'nano quantum bubble water manufacturing device' that creates spin and vibration by magnetizing 47 to 1.4 billion bubbles and water particles smaller than 150 nm and water particles of natural alkaline ion water. It is used for food and beverages, semiconductors, batteries, etc. It can replace caustic soda and odor removers in the cle


Pet colon immunity, separation anxiety, Alzheimer's remedy

Mary is (1) 0% fatality rate at all concentrations / (2) anti-cancer (colon cancer) inhibitory effect / (3) anxiety and depression improvement effect / (4) pet anti-food improvement agent with data on Alzheimer's effectiveness and cognitive function improvement no see.

Team Members

  • Jin ho Lee
    • 27 years of strategic planning
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