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Company Introduction

Company information

Jeong Hye-won
[HQ] #316 Jeongbohwa-gil 26, Naju [Research Center] Yanghwa-ro 12 gil 8-9, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Business Model

We have been providing XR consulting and solutions to businesses and identified what are the pain points and needs in the market. Based on our experience, we are building a VX (virtual experience, Called Metazium) platform that can support our B2B clients from backend system to XR content. Metazium is a SaaS platform we have built. It’s Scalable, efficiently built, and easy-to-use for companies.

Product / Service

vx (virtual experience) communication platform to help build communities for businesses

Real-time 3D rendering and multi-connection technology in SaaS Model

We have been able to rapidly provide enterprise services through our own solutions that apply Widebrain's 3D computing and AI technologies. We developed "Metazium vx" to provide an enterprise platform with enterprise-level real-time 3D rendering and multi-connection technology in a SaaS model.

Overseas Business

Virtual exhibition & convention center

~ ongoing
North America, japan
Virtual exhibition & convention platform that work with Partners (ex. MS, cisco) Based on 3D spatial computing technology that provides a real-time multiplayer environment, it connects users in the virtual and the offline world. By operating a virtual trade center that supports all languages ​​24 hours a day, companies can expand opportunities for physical sales.

Team Members

  • Hyewon Jeong
    • Wide Brain Co., Ltd. CEO & Founder
    • 8 years of experience in planning convergence services such as IoT, AR
    • Grand Prize at the 2nd National Assembly Library Public Cloud Service
  • Hyun so Park
    • Wide Brain Co., Ltd. CTO & Founder
    • Full-stack developer
    • 2021 MWC unity Immersive Top 01
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