An omniscient observer of the art market and the Google of the art market

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Company Introduction

Company information

LS517, 5F, 11, Yeonhui-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Business Model

When a collector transfers an artifact to Klay, it is automatically distributed to market participants such as artists, galleries, collectors, and purchasing pools, and the shadow work and NFT certificate are delivered to the collector who purchased the lump. At the same time, ARTRA tokens are distributed along with the distributor. Collect to Earn during 2nd and 3rd transactions

Product / Service

ARTRA, a physical art trading platform using blockchain

An art trading platform where physical art can be traded online using

It is a platform where art market participants, such as galleries, collectors, and artists, can pay for and trade physical artworks online using cryptocurrency. When a collector purchases a physical artwork using coins, the physical artwork and the NFT warranty are sent to the collector together. The coins used for purchase are distributed through smart contracts to galleries, collectors, artists,

RAKAMA, a business tool for art market participants

Develop artificial intelligence solutions by collecting data by provid

We provide art market participants (galleries, collectors, and artists) with SaaS necessary for business operation, collect data, and learn artificial intelligence based on the collected data. Provide services necessary for the overall art market through collected data

Team Members

  • Seong Seong-ho
    • LG developer, Kakao senior leader developer, AI Alice CEO
  • Changjin Cheon
    • Korea Gallery Association Business Director, Gallery Mark Representati
  • Minwoo Han
    • F-AD Marketing Director, Starlion Marketing Director, BonFirst CEO
  • Song Ji-young
    • Daum, Naver, Kakao, SK Telecom metaverse planner
  • Kim Lian
    • Geumsan Gallery curator, teaching certificate, Kiaf manager
  • Younghee Jang
    • LG U+ App/Web Design, LG U+ CLOVA Design, SK Design Project
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